SOLU-QiQ™ : Enterprise Architecture Solution



SOLU-QIQ is a software framework designed to manage Enterprise Architecture frameworks and data


By generating views (diagrams, maps) using the data in its database, it enables the IT Department:

  • To show multiple representations of the same information with little effort
  • To easily follow the links between infrastructure (servers, middleware) and applications
  • To share processes and activities, and further on to link them to the applications
  • To map applications and their interfaces with each other
  • To visualize the changes in IT
  • To help manage Master Data by visualizing the applications and interfaces using particular data
  • To create the functional (or service) architecture of the company with a optimized vision, and to manage the links between applications, functional domains, and the organization
  • To publish diagrams and documents, especially into the intranet for employees,
  • and more…



SOLU-QIQ’s database is entirely customizable, allowing each company to map the data they want, using the framework they want, at their own pace.

Any existing Enterprise Architecture framework can be implemented in SOLU-QIQ.

The SOLU-QIQ websites are published on the intranet. This consultation is carried out with all browsers.

This reading is free and has no usage restrictions.

We provide SOLU-QIQ with many pictures in the picture library.

You can also enrich this library with your own pictures.

The graphical navigation models are customizable.


The generated websites already offer the following features upon others:

  • Multi-layer navigation and drill-down
  • Search engine
  • Browsing History
  • Link to the Fullweb interface SQ contribution WEB CONTRIBUTOR (To make additions and changes directly).
  • Creator permanent link to map to be integrated on an external solution (CMDB…)